The Digital Debate Camp is a summer debate institute conducted entirely
through the Internet.

Debate institutes are expensive. With the combined costs of room and board, tuition, and travel, attending a summer debate camp is an exclusive opportunity. That's why we created the Digital Debate Camp, bringing in some of the best debaters from around the country to offer all the resources of a traditional institute at the fraction of the cost.

We use technology to provide a fully immersive camp experience. Students enjoy all of the same educational benefits of a traditional camp: an extensive lecture series from a wide-range of nationally successful debaters about a vast array of topics, research sessions, and practice debates to prepare students for the coming season.

We welcome all debaters. The Digital Debate Camp provides instruction for Cross-examination Policy, Lincoln-Douglass, and Public Forum debate. We strategically tailor student interaction to create unique programs ideal for all expertise levels from the young novice to the seasoned veteran. Whatever your style or experience, you can find help at the Digital Debate Camp!

The Digital Debate Camp is the oldest and most established of its kind. Entering our seventh year, the Digital Debate Camp has outlasted all competitors through dedication to student welfare, quality staff, and the best price-to-camp ratio in the country! Other online camps have come and gone, but we have proven our model and integrity through years of experience.


The Digital Debate Camp is taught by some of the best debaters and coaches in the country. We combine permanent staff with rotating guests to give students both in-depth education and a wide variety of alternative viewpoints. Our staff includes multiple, national championship qualifiers, first round at large recipients, tournament champions, and tenured coaches. Previous instructors include two-time NDT finalist Alex Pappas, NDT semi-finalist Chris Leonardi, and political activist and award-winning coach Lawrence Grandpre. Furthermore, the Digital Debate Camp is now in partnership with the highly successful Georgia Debate Union at the University of Georgia. This partnership ensures the Digital Debate Camp is staffed by coaches with significant debate and teaching experience, as well as contemporary debaters on the cutting edge of argument innovation.


Q: What are the dates for the camp?
A: Camp begins June 1st and ends August 1st.

Q: How much does the Digital Debate Camp cost?
A: A full summer of instruction at the Digital Debate Camp is only $400. Please contact us about financial assistance! We pride ourselves on providing need-based scholarships to students who are otherwise unable to attend debate camp. We believe summer instruction should be accessible by all!

Q: How does the Digital Debate Camp compare to more traditional camps?
A: The Digital Debate Camp works much the same way as a traditional institute. Students receive regular lectures on all aspects of debate both generic and topic-specific. Lectures are recorded and made available for students to view at their convenience. Additionally, some lectures are recorded live so students can participate in real time.

We have abandoned the tired and outdated lab model which limits student access to only a handful of instructors. Instead, we group and regroup students multiple times throughout the summer based on projects, research interests, and debate styles to maximize breadth of experience. Students at the Digital Debate Camp are able to spend time with our whole roster of instructors through targeted 1-on- 1 meetings as well as small group discussion. Students will be given ample opportunities to discuss ideas, develop arguments, and practice speeches through individual instruction, ensuring the best possible student-teacher ratios.

Even though we are online, we still provide practice debates so students can jump right into action. Through teleconference programs we can recreate the conditions for a debate without ever having to be in the same room. Students will need webcams or other similar devices to participate in practice debates.

Q: Do you get all the camp files at the end of the summer?
A: Every member of the camp will receive copies of all files and lectures, which will also be stored in a central location for easy access both during the summer and throughout the year.

Q: What if I have other summer obligations such as a job, family vacation, or other institutes?
A: We are designed to provide maximum flexibility for students. Whether you have a summer job, SAT prep courses, vacations, or just want to take some time off, we will have no problem accommodating difficult and complex summer schedules. All of our content is stored in central locations to be permanently available for students.

in partnership with the georgia debate union

About the GDU

The Georgia Debate Union houses the award winning debate team at the University of Georgia. The partnership between the Digital Debate Camp and the Georgia Debate Union ensures the DDC is staffed with highly qualified and invested instructors with both teaching and coaching experience. Students can be assured they will be interacting with professional debate coaches backed by an historic and tenured debate program. More information about the Georgia Debate Union can be found at


Questions or concerns? Don't hesitate to reach out.